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Welcome to the world famous Historic Johns Pass Village and Boardwalk in Madeira Beach Florida with over 100 shops and restaurants plus many hotels on the beach within walking distance. This John's Pass website is filled with over 100 beautiful photographs and panoramas made by a world published and former underwater photographer for Jacques Cousteau, Robert Gladden. Pictures of Hubbard Marina, Friendly Fisherman, Bubba Gump, Hooters, Kilwins chocolate, Bronze Lady, John's pass new bridge panorama, Seabirds, Hubbard deep sea fishing, John's pass village boardwalk panorama, Johns Pass new bridge panorama, Treasures of Silver and Gold, Barefoot beach Resort, Suncoast Resort, The New Pier Aquarium at John's Pass Village and many more places. This is a Florida Gulf Coast fishing village beach Pass located in Madeira Beach, FL in the Tampa Bay area. John's Pass Village and Boardwalk is a great place to enjoy a True Florida Adventure where you can explore more than 100 shops and Restaurants.

  Johns Pass 2011

                         Johns Pass Village and Boardwalk.

                           Johns Pass Village Boardwalk Panorama.

Johns Pass Boardwalk with New Bridge.
                               Johns Pass Village and Boardwalk with New Bridge Panorama.
Barefoot panarama
             Barefoot Beach Resort and Hotel.

You can chose from many of the hotels that are just a walk up the beach. Go swimming in our beautiful water and walk the long snow white sugar sand beaches sprinkled with sea shells and sea oats and sea birds too, oh my. I love to swim in those endless waves and become part of the enchanting seashore and the open sky above. Experience dramatic Florida gulf coast sunsets over a gentle sea with someone you love. Sometimes we get up just before dawn on a full moon night and watch the moonset wile we walk along the shore till sunrise, take an early morning swim in the sea together and go back to our hotel for breakfast and sleep in for a few hours.

                  Full Moon BoatClearWave               Romantic Couple on Florida Sunset Beach

Here on the Florida Gulf Coast we have a super high tide midday during the week of the full moon in the spring. This high tide brings in the clearest water and is a choice time to swim on the beach. The tide then goes way out causing the sand bars to be out of the water about sunset. Perfect time to go shell hunting along the beach. Thus in the middle of the day we go down to the sea and swim together in high tide clear water. With the sun high in the sky it also makes the water even more beautiful. After a swim we have a lite lunch before the afternoon adventure.  Sometimes we skip lunch and enjoy a early dinner at one of our many restaurants. Most of the time we chose fresh Grouper or Shrimp or Scallops or Clams or maybe all of them together. The Friendly Fisherman has the Captains plate and it has it all so so good. Love those King crab claws too. Wish we were there right now.

            Friendly Fisherman.

After dinner we like some fine Kilwins chocolate to top of the day as we watch the sunset and walk the beach on the full moon super low tide. With my beautiful wife in hand we look for shells on the sandbars now out of the water, enjoy the sound of the waves on the shore and the calling of the seabirds as they fly away to sleep the night. We have it so ruff here in Florida. There are few places like this in all the world, in fact in all the universe.
               Little girl pointing ChocolateK Fudge
                                                               Kilwins Chocolate.

The next day we may go fishing on one of our charter boats, take a ride to Egmont Island or to one of the shell islands where you may just find yourself. Hubbard's boats does it all as they have been here about 50 years. They have always treat us right. We love to take the Hubbard's ferry to Egmont Island, look for shells and swim together in the clearest water of all on our coast. You can even snorkel and face mask dive with fins on some of the old fort ruins that are in about 15 feet of water.

Hubbard FishingRed Grouper

            Hubbard Marina Deep Sea Fishing.

             Egmont IslandGirl on Egmont Island   Hubbard SunSet Boatride

             Hubbard Sunset Cruise.

When you just let go of your mind and listen to the forever changing waves that have been rolling in on our seashores for longer than I can dream. Live your adventure and swim in those waves of dreams that are as real as the songs of life itself. When you stay in one of our hotels you can wake up in the morning and look out over the sea and dream about how beautiful the gift of life truly is. Where the waves meet the shore are magical places to be alive specially with the one you love. Love is always the key to joy in the heart.

                  Skimmers two Osprey two babiesPelican Wings out

Add in the adventures of Johns Pass with our great Seafood and all the shops and islands to explore and you have a Real Florida Adventure that you will talk about for all your years. Ride a parasail 300 feet in the sky for some high adventure, rent a boat and go where you want or charter a quiet sailboat to no where while you lay back and have a Margarita or two.

               Johns Pass Pirates

                     John's Pass Village and Boardwalk Pirate Weekend.

Enjoy the many beautiful photographs my wife and I have made around Historic Johns Pass Village and Boardwalk in Madeira Beach Florida and make a few yourself to remember your day in paradise. We do teach the art of beautiful pictures and we can make some of you and your family on the Seashore to enjoy too. Our classes teach the art of creating beautiful pictures with your camera and in so doing you may just find your self with in your own heart. We are also well know for Beach Wedding HD photographs and Blu-Ray Video.

              Bride Groom Sun
Bride sunset birds

              Robert Gladden Wedding Photographs.

Please visit our website at: . I am a former underwater photographer for Jacques Cousteau and sure love being around the water. Life is the Adventure. My wife and I invite you to take your love one in hand and walk along the Florida Gulf Beach to John's Pass Village and have a fine seafood dinner together, then enjoy some fine chocolate and explore the village for treasures. Visit the new Aquarium too. I am on the new Aquarium MOM board here at John's Pass Village and would love to show you around this beautiful new Aquarium. Perhaps we will even have a Margareta with you to celebrate another day in paradise. Your Florida Adventure is right here waiting for you to live your dream and fulfill your hearts as ONE.

Thank You, Robert and JoAnn Gladden.   813-949-0010      See Shops and More  Johns Pass Village

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